A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So why does quality control not get the love it deserves in the world of revenue tax stamps? In this field, precision and quality are of the utmost importance, so we argue that putting QC front and center is vital.

Because overt serial numbers and barcodes on revenue tax stamps need to be human as well as machine readable. A good contrast between the background print and the barcode or serial number is of great importance.

The printable area, or ‘real estate’, on tax stamps is very limited. This provides design challenges especially if multiple different security features are to be applied as well. Adding covert features as an invisible layer can provide the additional area required to integrate multiple features on a small product. Covert serial numbers and barcodes can provide additional security.

Is quality control of covert features even more important than the inspection of visible features? State-of-the-art quality control solutions don’t only assure that all print features are present, in the correct position, and without flaws. They also create special reports and data files. This data can be used to improve production, reduce waste, avoid future issues, and track the stamps through the finishing and packing process. The data files can become the basis of a unique and reliable track and trace solution.