Introduction of Optical Q-ID®

Through a mix of software and hardware solutions, the security printing industry has witnessed stellar technological advancements in its ability to successfully secure global documents, currency, identity and brands across an array of vast and differentiated markets. Central to this success has been a commitment by the industry to drive sustained, collaborative innovation through research and development using next-generation materials, technologies and their effective integration. This commitment has allowed the security print industry to work collaboratively to push technological boundaries, and in doing so has successfully protected central banks, governments, issuers, brand owners and their end users across the globe.

Quantum technologies have been lauded as an enabler of such next-generation solution thinking. As such, we present Optical Q-ID® from Quantum Base Limited as a simple, cost-effective solution to drive unbreakable document security through our simple integration of quantum technologies into existing modern print manufacturing processes.

At the atomic scale, everything is unique. We have created the patented hardware ability to print and manufacture, at scale, Q-ID® tags which have embedded quantum properties, creating natural nanoscale, macroscopic imperfections – in effect, endless unique quantum identities. We celebrate these natural imperfections, creating patented software capabilities to allow a smartphone, with no additional hardware, to read these unique “quantum signatures” from each tag in less than a second – making cloning and simulation impossible. In essence, Q-ID® is the world’s first quantum security technology, empowering all in global markets to be the custodians of their document and brand security, armed with nothing more than a smartphone.