Switzerland-based Thymaris provides integrated authentication technologies (software and machines) based on the principle of integrating serialisation and authentication into every barcode. For example, its AMACENA® Secure product authentication technology for high-volume security printing combines a full-stack serialisation suite with anti-counterfeiting technologies integrated as an additional layer into the barcode.

This technology is currently being used for a large-scale tax stamp programme, for an annual production of multiple billions of stamps, all of which carry an AMACENA Secure barcode.

The programme comprises a dashboard for data queries, as well as for analysing the different counterfeit codes found in the market on a daily basis.

This paper describes the different types and quality of counterfeits found, the equipment used by counterfeiters for high-end serial code printing, and the different levels of difficulty in detecting counterfeits. It also addresses the question of how many counterfeits should be identified in order to ensure successful outcomes.