Luminescence Sun Chemical Security is part of the Sun Chemical global security solutions business unit. Through the strong corporate culture and power of our multinational parent we have access to over 22,000+ specialists in inks, pigments and coatings based all over the globe. With highly specialised Research and Development centres from which we can draw resources and knowledge, we are continuously on the search for the latest technologies to help you stay ahead of counterfeiters or other threats to your secure documents.

Luminescence Sun Chemical Security (LSCS) offers a wide range of security inks and authentication technologies for Central Banks, Revenue Authorities, ID issuers and Brand Owners.

Whether it is to upgrade or redesign your banknotes, introducing a completely new identity document, increasing your tax revenues or securing your brand, the LSCS specialists are here to help you with innovative, tailor-made solutions. Working with the highest level of confidentiality and the ethical standards that are expected from the industry.