Only 35% of agencies with obligations under the FCTC Protocol have or are considering implementing track and trace solutions. The tax stamp and secure printing industry appears to face the same intractable challenges time and again: solutions are pitched that never go to tender; tenders are issued but are never awarded; awarded tenders are challenged both in court and in the media; tenders are awarded for solutions that are never implemented; intentions to expand to other products never materialise; implementations are criticised as being ineffective; contracts are not renewed; or conversations around tax stamps and secure marks simply don’t even come up.

The presentation will explore the drivers that explain why tax stamp and secure marking programmes meet with less success than they could (or should), mostly as a result of shortcomings in tax administrations and agencies – from the lack of a burning platform, limited conceptual understanding of both the issues and the potential solutions, challenges around costs and funding models, being unprepared for industry push-back, and difficulties in leveraging potential allies. It will also provide some insights into how solution providers can change the dynamics.