Currently in most countries/economies, like ours, different government agencies have a requirement for a mark to show compliance. A good example is the Kenya Bureau of Standards which requires a mark on locally produced goods and imports (a mark of conformity) and Kenya Revenue Authority which requires an excise stamp on excisable products. Other government bodies/agencies will also have to approve either products or companies and this means that a manufacturer or importer will have to bear the cost of all these marks.

The idea is to transform the Revenue Authority stamp into a single government mark of compliance for all agencies, which means that all approvals by these different agencies would pass through the same platform. The final approver would be the Revenue Authority which would also be the issuer of the tax stamp. This paper/digital stamp would then carry all the information required for companies to demonstrate compliance, thus making the cost of doing business cheaper (they would only have to pay for one mark/stamp). Furthermore, a product would not lose its appeal by being crowded with all manner of ‘government stamps’.