Counterfeiting is a serious and critical issue for security printers, end users and authorities. Intergraf’s mission is to protect this highly secure industry and contribute to the fight against fraud with the help of certifications.

Intergraf has been developing standards for security printers and their suppliers for more than 15 years and initialised the development of the CWA 14641, CWA 15374 and, more recently, the ISO 14298 standard in cooperation with representatives from standardisation institutes and industry experts from 25 countries and 5 continents.

The certifications started in 2000 and since then been a recognised reference for governments, tender issuing authorities and other end customers to guarantee high-quality security management system and to help fight against counterfeiting of printed matter, such as ID documents, passports, credit cards, banknotes, stamps, tax stamps, tobacco and alcohol banderols.

Throughout the world, Intergraf certificates stand for trusted security printers and trusted suppliers to the security printing industry and are integrated in many tenders every year – over 130 certified production sites in more than 50 countries rely on Intergraf certifications.

This presentation will show how to benefit from using ISO 14298 certification according to Intergraf Certification Requirements as a cost- and timesaving tool in tender documents and as a strategy to prevent security breaches.