This presentation will give an overview of international standards relevant to tax stamps. This includes ISO 22382:2018, of course, as this is the standard for tax stamps. But there are others that are relevant, such as ISO 14298, on the management of security printing processes; ISO 22383 guidance on authentication solutions for material goods; GS1’s Global Traceability Standard and ISO’s interoperability standards for anticounterfeiting systems. I will highlight the key points of each standard, looking at why and how they are relevant to the design and production of tax stamps.

ISO 22382 is due for review in 2023, in line with ISO’s five-year review procedure, so In the second part of the presentation, as Project Leader for this standard, I will examine what should be covered in that review. In particular, I will consider the pros and cons of converting it from a guidance standard to a compliance standard – i.e. so organisations can be certified that they comply with the standard.