U-NICA is a leading Swiss provider of digital product protection and authentication solutions.

We use the latest technologies in image processing and machine learning, which enables us to offer solutions to a wide range of markets.

To ensure the highest security standard, copy-proof visible and invisible digital security technologies are applied. To keep the copy protection and security barrier as high as possible, multiple digitally linked security features are added to the tax stamp. This layered approach to brand protection is our philosophy and the reason it allows us to guarantee such a high level of protection.

U-NICA’s digital security technologies are securely authenticated using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Once the customers have downloaded our intuitive app, they can check the authenticity of the products they have received.

All generated verification results including the corresponding geo-data can be viewed in real time using our cloud based scryptoTRACE web portal. This online platform is the central control and management unit of U-NICA’s digital security platform. All product verification results and global product movements as well as the designs and layouts of the tax labels are stored here.