What will influence the design of the tax stamp or secure label of the future? One thing seems certain; these designs will be influenced by the need to interact with new technologies. The aim of this presentation is to examine likely routes that these technologies will take so we can plan for this and best identify the threats and opportunities these will bring.

Smart or intelligent packaging is a concept that is becoming reality. As the term ‘smart’ becomes extended to cities, homes and manufacturing we need to consider the implications for traceability and the designs of tax stamps and labels. Internet of things and 5G connectivity will surely have an influence here.

We often discuss smartphone interaction of tax stamps and labels, but we should consider how this may look in the future. We may be better placed by considering this as interaction through mobile devices such as wearables. The smartphone itself is subject to evolution to other forms.

Finally, we will examine the potential for new technology players to disrupt this market, either by design or as an inadvertent consequence of their activities.