The main advantage of digital printing above conventional printing is not just the possibility to include unique information on each stamp in the form of serial numbers or barcodes. This is already in place for tax stamps globally.

Advantages of a totally digital solution are that the technology is easy to implement, it offers security printing in an efficient way and results in a high ROI by reducing costs.

However, the key question still is: can a tax stamp be printed 100% digitally to achieve the level of security to combat counterfeiter and deliver track and trace?

The answer is yes, it is already a reality.

Unlike a conventional process, dry toner technology provides a complete security solution from design to print with zero stock.

As well as anti-counterfeit features previously only available in conventional printing, the technology offers new and unique security features that can be applied in a flexible and affordable way.

Governments no longer require multiple printers and processes but can implement this in house, with a single pass process, or alternatively outsource to a security printer.

Xeikon offers practical solutions for tax stamp programmes globally.