About HP Indigo
HP Indigo pioneered digital printing, unveiling the world’s first digital printing press in 1993. It triggered a revolution by eliminating the plates and setup needed for offset printing while opening new possibilities for businesses, brands and customers in commercial printing, labels and packaging, photo products, and publishing.

Digital Security Powered by HP Indigo
HP Indigo offers a vast portfolio of unique features for different security levels and segments leveraging Indigo’s outstanding digital print quality and versatility. In collaboration with various leading security service partners, HP Indigo offers end-to-end solutions with reduced human error, minimum waste, a small footprint and a low total cost of ownership.

Tax Stamp with The Digital Protection
The all-digital Tax-Stamp press solutions offer Covert, Overt and Forensic security elements on-press in ONE-PASS with the highest quality and integrity. By combining the power of variable data, serialization, 7 spot colors including unique security inks, HP Indigo provides differentiated security protection while offering full design freedom over short and long runs.